A week of firsts

  • By K PYMER
  • 16 Jun, 2017

Our first years tried their first short graduation and our 2nd years talked about terrorism - a very diverse week

Functional Skills

We were visited by the EQA this week and he observed a discussion by our 2nd years.  They chose to talk about terrorism and the tragic events that have happened recently.  They were great, they had a very grown up discussion and they made some very interesting comments about how they feel about the whole subject.  We are always interested to hear what our students have to say and it is great to listen to their discussions.  We were again very proud of our students - Well done!

2nd years

Our 2nd years are now in their last month of training and they are looking forward to working in their salons and their own clients.  As the students are coming to the end they need specific types of models especially cuts and colours.  If you are interested in being one of our models, please call 01603 305884 to make an appointment.  We will look after you and will give you a full consultation, the only thing is that they will take a little bit longer than a more experienced stylist so bare with us.

1st years

Our 1st years tried their first short graduation this week and they thoroughly enjoyed it and produced great work.  Photos will go up on our social media page next week.  It is great to see the students working hard and enjoying what they are doing.  Great work!


Our new barber students are soaking up the knowledge they are being given and can't wait to work on our male clients.  As we like to keep our clients happy, Dean (an ex student) has very kindly been coming in on a Tuesday, keeping up with the clients until the barber students are more confident with their scissors and clippers.  Thank you Dean, we do appreciate it.

Level 3's

As you can see from the above photo our Level 3's have been practicing their creative colours.  Great work again by our students!  If you are interested in having something different, whether it is a colour or a cut, our Level 3's are available on a Monday afternoon.  Call 01603 305884 to make an appointment.


Karen went to an ESFA - Education and Skills Funding Agency - meeting on Tuesday in Coventry.  Even though she got lost on the roundabout system, she finally got there.  There are still some decisions being made about the new funding rules etc. due to the election and the hung parliament, but when things have finalised we will be able to let employers know  about their contributions and grants that are available.

By K PYMER 13 Oct, 2017

It was Mental Health Awareness Day on Tuesday and some of our learners dressed in yellow and staff wore yellow ribbons in their hair or on their clothes to help promote the awareness!  Product training was given to the remaining learners who haven't had the training, so everyone is now aware of the Matrix products and the types of hair they should be used on.

The first year learners were given the opportunity to bring in models for an open workshop this week to practice the skills they have learnt so far.  Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more pictures.  The above picture was from a Level 3 student, it looks amazing!

We were finalising the details on our new NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing course this week.  It will start in April and will take you through to Christmas.  There are 9 units - shampooing, cutting, colouring, setting, style & finish, consultation, maintain effectiveness, cutting mens hair and plait & twist.  All great units to help you start your hairdressing career.  If you are thinking of changing your career, this course will be ideal.  We will guide you through the knowledge and practical criteria to meet your assessments and throughout your training there will be opportunities to have your own column in the training school to help you gain salon experience in a controlled environment.  Call 01603 886969 to reserve your place.

The quiz this week on Facebook is a hairdressing knowledge questions.  What do you remember about the hair structure?   

By K PYMER 06 Oct, 2017

Our Level 3's have been practicing their colour work this week, working on clients or their tuition head. Some great work all round!

Sara has been busy visiting salons, observing in house training and delivering barber training to stylists.  If your team would like to extend their knowledge of barbering or hairdressing skills, our professional tutors are available to deliver the training in you salon.   Please call 01603 886969 for more details.

We take pride in our training to ensure all our students go away with a deep knowledge of hairdressing and barbering techniques to ensure they can meet the challenges they will face everyday in their salon.

Our 1st years have started on their functional skills training and they will do a bit every other week until they are ready for the online test.  They are now ready to start working on clients, so if you would like to have your hair set, blowdryed or even put up, our learners are available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please call 01603 305884 to make an appointment.

Next Tuesday is Mental Health Day and we will be thinking of this day by all of us wearing yellow.  We look forward to the pictures.  World Mental Health Day is a day for global health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.  This years theme is mental health in the workplace.

By K PYMER 29 Sep, 2017

Our 1st year hairdressing apprentices were practising one length cuts this week.  They were working on neat sections and tension.  As well as the technical issues relating to cutting hair, the tutor was also checking for deportment and how the learner holds their scissors.  Hairdressers will be predominately cutting hair so we ensure our learners are standing correctly from the beginning and throughout their training.

Our Level 3 in Hairdressing students were working on creative cuts, colours and hair ups.  They were letting their creative skills flow and came up with some great looks.  If you want to have a change in colour, cut or happy to let a learner carry out a creative hair up style (obviously we will put your hair back to your day look if necessary!) clients are required on Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Our 2nd year apprentices are continuing to progress with their skills and their qualification.  They are always looking for clients to practice their skills and to carry out their assessments.  Appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Call 01603 305884. 

Our new barbering course starts today.  We hope they enjoy their day and we look forward to seeing their work.

Now that the new training year has settled down, the management team met up for their first meeting of the year to plan for future courses and how we have improve our facilities and training.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest news.

By K PYMER 22 Sep, 2017

Our Level 3 students are getting some ideas for their creative styles by creating a moodboard.  They were practising this week on tuition heads, but if you fancy one of these styles or something different, we have appointments available on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  We look forward to seeing their creations.

Our 1st year apprentices had some Matrix product training by Gemma at Barkers.  They learnt what the different shampoo and conditioners are used for so they know when they start working with clients they are using the correct products on the correct hair.  This knowledge will continue throughout their training as they will be working on clients every week.

Our self funded Barber course starts next week, we are looking forward to meeting our new students.  We do have 2 spaces left so if barbering is something you have always thought about doing, we will be happy to speak to you about the course details.

Teaching is a very rewarding profession, especially if you are passionate about your subject and want to pass on your knowledge.  Our teaching course starts on Monday 23 October for 8 sessions 10.00am - 4.00 pm.  If this is something you are interested in please visit our Continuing Professional Development page to find out more information.

Visit our Facebook page for our weekly quiz!  A mini farm has 4 pigs, 5 sheep and 7 rabbits, how many chickens does it have?  Answer on Facebook tomorrow

By K PYMER 14 Sep, 2017
This week our 1st year Level 2 apprentices were practicing their setting - dry and wet sets, producing some great work.

Our 2nd year apprentices had some product training from Barkers this week,  which will help them sell and use on their clients, as they will have a better understanding of what the products do .  Our 1st years will have product training next week so they get to know what products we use and why you use them.

The 1st year Level 3 apprentices were working on the theory of colour and colour correction.  

Our Level 2 Certificate in Barbering course starts on Friday 29 September, we only have 2 places left.  If you are interested in starting a career in barbering, please call us on 01603 886969 to reserve your place.
By K PYMER 08 Sep, 2017

Our 1st year hairdressing learners started with us this week.  Learning about their qualification, rules and regulations, health and safety and theory behind shampooing.  In practical they practiced blowdrying with a round brush and then an open workshop to show the tutor what they already know.  We hope they enjoyed themselves and we can't wait for next week when we can start working on the Level 2 Diploma Hair Professional (Hairdressing) qualification.

The Diploma is a new qualification where the main change is the end assessment.  All learners will have to complete their assessments through their training with us and then carry out an end assessment which is like a trade test.  This qualification includes some criteria of the Level 3 in Hairdressing.  The aim of this Diploma is to ensure the learner is ready to go on the salon floor when they have passed their end assessment.

A new group of Level 3 in Hairdressing also started this week, busy practicing creative colours.  Sara and K went on a Matrix Master Colour workshop this week and Sara shared the knowledge she learnt with the learners.

We are excited for the forthcoming year and sharing our hairdressing knowledge with our apprentices.

By K PYMER 13 Jul, 2017

What do you really know about your hair?  Here are some fun facts:
  • 100,000 is the average number of hairs on the head
  • hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body - only bone marrow is quicker
  • hair is the most common type of forensic evidence
  • gender is one thing that cannot be identified by a hair strand
  • each strand of hair can contain up to 14 elements including traces of gold

See some more on our Instagram page - Anglian Academy of Hair

Sara is off on her holidays and Alex, Carol and Karen (Director of AAH) will be taking her classes for the next 2 weeks.

We only have a few 2nd years left who have 1 set to do - so if there is anybody who would just like to have a set, you will be most welcome in the training salon.  (You don't have to leave the salon with a set, you can have it washed and blowdried to suit your requirements). 01603 305884 52 London Street, Norwich (Above Subway)

We are hoping for a sunny weekending and the summer returning next week - see you then!

By K PYMER 06 Jul, 2017
New Courses

We are now updating our website to include our new courses.  They are aimed at beginners, hairdressers who have been out of the craft for a while and for hairdressers who want to learn something new.  All the details and course dates will be available next week.  Check it out.

Our barber students are now 8 weeks (3 hours a week) into their training and are busy working on clients even though they didn't think they would be working on clients this early.  At Anglian Academy we like our students to get client experience as early as possible, as the more experience they have, the better stylists they will be.


The students are still busy working on their functional skills.  Sara has been coming in to teach their functional skills and hairdressing theory, with her broken arm and a smiley face!

New Apprentices

We are getting ready for the new apprentices, who will be starting in September.  We will be holding two initial assessment days, where the apprentice can come in a complete the necessary paperwork.  They are Wednesday 26 July and Wednesday 9 August.  If you are employing either a hairdressing or barbering apprentice, please call the office to book your place.

Apprenticeships are a great way to start your hairdressing and barbering career, as you will get hands on experience in a salon and great training with Anglian Academy.

The additions to the website will be up and running next week, so I will look forward to showing it to you and giving you more details about the courses.

See you next week!

By K PYMER 29 Jun, 2017
It has not been a very dry week for us, but I bet our plants have loved it!  Hopefully we will have better weather next week and we can put away our rain coats!

EQA Visit
We had an EQA visit this week who visited our students at Aylsham High School.  We would like to thank all the students and staff who looked after our IQA and for being flexible with the changing of times.

2nd year hairdressers
They have only one month to go before they are due to complete.  It has been great to see them grow  in confidence and the knowledge they have learnt since starting with us back in September 2015.  It will be sad to see them go but excited for them to start the career they have been training for.

1st years Level 2's and Level 3's
The 1st years have been working hard on completing their theory - including Functional Skills.  As soon as they have completed their theory they can knuckle down with their practical and work on their clients all day.  At the moment they are spending half the day on their practical training and the remaining part of the day on theory.

By K PYMER 22 Jun, 2017
AAH Staff
Poor Sara is in the wars.  She fell over and broke her arm in two places!  Her arm is now in plaster and cannot do any hairdressing!  We are covering her classes so training is continuing this week.  Thank you to Alex, Carol and K for stepping in.  Sara may be back next week to deliver the theory classes and functional skills.

Congratulations to Alex who got engaged over the weekend!  We wish Alex and George all the best for the future.

Functional Skills
One group of 1st years tried out our new Functional Skills online programme this week.  They completed the initial assessment for Maths and did really well.  They can now work on the areas where they need developing and then move on to the online test.

 2017 Apprenticeship starts
We have now set dates for potential apprentices to come in and carry out their initial assessment - Wednesday 26 July and Wednesday 9 August.  So if you have  new apprentice, please give us a ring to book your place.

 New courses
We are in the process of reviewing our self funded courses.  We are going to be delivering some day courses in hair up and cutting, so keep an eye out on our website for the extra page and details of when the courses will be taking place. The courses are aimed at beginners, those coming back into the craft or qualified hairdressers who want to learn something new.

It's feeling a bit cooler as I write this, but whatever the weather, enjoy your weekend and see you next week.

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